How to Last Longer while having sex

The incidence of premature ejaculation during sex is one thing most couples face. To the male folks it is most embarrassing where as to the females its most frustrating and tiring to see their male partner ejaculate on them, when they are no way near orgasm

So I am basing this article on how to last longer in bed and avoid this most embarrassing act of premature ejaculation.

Here in this write up are series of training to undergo so as to avoid premature ejaculation, and last longer while having sex

1. kegel exercises: this is known to train strength and coordination in your pubic muscles. Its benefit will be to train you on how to hold on. Ejaculation though is an involuntary act (an act you have little or no control over) can have its duration time increased.

How to carryout kegel exercise: The easiest way is to stop your flow of urine midway next time you go to the bathroom. However once you find the muscles responsible for the above act you can now start contracting them on your own as a way of training. You can as well try to elongate the time length at which you can stop urine flow midway anytime you go to urinate

2. Employ the use of slow thrust: it’s a known fact that fast thrusting during sex is hazardous to the man’s endurance, it’s even known that to build up sexual tension in your woman, slow thrusting can be advocated for. So it’s a win, win situation, slow thrust to build up the tension within her at the same time prolonging the time it will take you to ejaculate. When the tension in her is high enough you can now explode. As the result will be a joint orgasm for the both of you

3. Manual inhibition/squeezing: this is done during the act of sex and it involves bringing out your penis whenever you notice you are about to ejaculate and squeezing the shaft of your penis (that is the most outer part of the penis towards the head) till you notice a feeling like the thing is going back, you can continue with your act of love making and redo the above again whenever you notice you are about ejaculate. With this technique you can last for as long as you have planned

4. Master the act of masturbation: here you train yourself in the act, having the women’s orgasm in mind not yours. Give yourself a time limit maybe 20 minutes, work on yourself to a point of no return but try and hold it down till your time is up. You will notice that since you can hold on when mastering the act you can also hold  on when with her

5. Employing distraction: To some people only the latex of the condom they use for the sexual intercourse is enough distraction, to some other people listening to a song they like while in the act of love making is distraction. But the bottom line is, “find something that will distract you as you thrust for it will help you last long in the act”.

A patient of mine once in the past said his method of distracting himself during the act of love making is either to initiate a discussion with his partner during the act or start counting down alphabets from Z-A

6. Wrangling should be substituted for thrusting. As thrusting hastens ejaculation whereas wrangling does not

  • The process of sexual response has four phases: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. The trick is to recognize the spectrum of feelings throughout the process. Rate your sexual excitement on a scale of 1 to 10. Try keeping yourself at most at 7, till when you feel like ejaculating; this can be achieved thus:  Master step 1 and 4 above before sex. Use step 2, 5 and 6 to elongate excitement. While at plateau apply step 3 to send you back to the excitement. Do this with perfection then you are on your way to having good sex



Finally don’t forget the effect of serious foul play before sex. This alone will take the woman to a point of no return, so even if your endurance time before ejaculation during sex was minute it wouldn’t be noticed by the woman as she herself would have reached orgasm.

But in the case you have tried all of the above over and over again without success then maybe can you consider the use of drugs

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