How to cure your tooth problem with herbs (guava leaves)

This is a tested and trusted way of protecting your tooth and getting rid of your tooth problems. It have been known to be safe and of no side effects.

Material for treatment – guava leaves. Water and cooker

procedure for treatment -

.wash the guava leaves

.boil water to boiling point

.add washed guava leaves to the boiling water and allow to cook for about 5 minutes

.remove water from heat and allow to cool

.sieve the solution (separate water from the leaves)

.store water and discard leaves.

At this point your drug is ready and good for use (stored water).

How to take the medicine: gulp a mouth full of the fluid, use to rinse your mouth for 5 minutes (don’t swallow fluid) after the 5 minutes spit out the fluid and that is it

do this for mornings and evenings till the tooth ache disappears.

For maintaining a healthy teeth, following these technique and doing it at-least once a month gives you a guarantee of a strong  teeth all through your life time.

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